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2019 Workshops

Fundamentals of Structured TEACCHing and Behavior Management for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (21st to 23rd October 2019)

The Fundamentals in Autism is a two-day workshop that will provide participants with an overview of the learning styles of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Structured TEACCHing strategies.
Structured TEACCHing is based on the understanding of the symptoms and learning styles of individuals with autism and the use of visual supports to provide meaning, promote independence and capitalize on the individual’s strengths. Participants will also learn behavior management strategies using Structured TEACCHing principles. The format of this workshop will include presentations, videos, interactive discussions, and small group activities.
At the completion of the training, participants will be able to:
  • Identify characteristics and learning styles of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Develop individualized schedules and work/activity systems
  • Develop meaningful visual structure that promotes independence with educational activities
  • Problem solve behaviors using Structured TEACCHing principles

This course is designed for educators, para-educators, allied health clinicians and caregivers.

TEACCH 2019 Fundamentals Flyer

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Applications of TEACCH Principles and Practices Seminar (16th to 18th October 2019)

This is the second prerequisite in the TEACCH Professional Certification Program. Click here for more information about the certification process.

This three-day seminar is designed as continuing professional development for individuals who previously completed the Five-Day Hands-On Training. Topics addressed include extensions of content presented at the TEACCH Five-Day that will help professionals move beyond the basic implementation of Structured TEACCHing concepts as well as strategies for coaching and supporting other professionals. The format of this seminar is presentation, discussion, and case studies/ scenarios presented via video with participants working in small groups to complete active learning assignments.

The course will help participants develop and hone their practitioner skills in working with students with ASD and their families as well as other professionals in the areas of:

  • Informal assessment and teaching strategies
  • Programming in the areas of communication and social development
  • Program choreography
  • Coaching and supporting professionals
  • Behavior problem solving approach using Structured TEACCHing strategies
  • Working with families and implementing structure in the home

This course is designed for teachers, allied health clinicians and other professionals who work with individuals with ASD and have previously completed the intensive TEACCH Five-Day Hands-On Training

You can find out more about TEACCH from the University of North Carolina website.

TEACCH 2019 Beyond The Basics Flyer

2019 Workshop Registration Information

Please download the TEACCH Training Workshop Registration Information Booklet for further details about the workshops on offer.

2019 TEACCH Workshop Registration Information

2020 Workshops

TEACCH Five-Day Classroom Training (Early 2020 – Registration opens December 2019)

This is the first prerequisite in the TEACCH Professional Certification Program. Click here for more information about the certification process.

This five-day course provides a theoretical foundation as well as hands-on opportunities to assess and teach individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a demonstration classroom setting. The premise of this foundation is an understanding of the learning styles of individuals with ASD and how to use teaching strategies that capitalize on learning strengths. An emphasis is placed on the use of Structured TEACCHing principles to teach individuals with ASD skills in the areas of academics (literacy and numeracy), communication, independence, social and leisure, vocational, relaxation and coping strategies.

Participants will have an opportunity to apply Structured TEACCHing principles to teach students of varying functioning levels in a classroom setting during group and individual activities. The training includes presentations, small group discussions, demonstration classroom activities and hands-on experiences for five consecutive days.

At the completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the unique learning styles of children and adolescents with ASD
  • Conduct informal assessments to set learning objectives and monitor progress
  • Create meaningful and individualized visual structure for students with ASD in both individual and group settings
  • Implement Structured TEACCHing strategies to facilitate development of skills in the areas of academics (literacy and numeracy), communication, independence, social and leisure, and vocational
  • Conduct a behavioral assessment and implement problem solving approaches to reduce behavioral difficulties
  • Develop and implement relaxation and coping interventions
  • Implement strategies for working and collaborating with families of individuals with ASD



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2019 Dates
We are currently confirming our 2019 dates with our TEACCH Practitioners. This year we will be offering two different workshops for interested participants. We are anticipating for these to be run in mid to late October.  The 5 Day TEACCH Practical workshop will return to Melbourne in early 2020.

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